Becoming a Broker

Join our community of licensed brokers, and get started on your new career path today. Our training comes at no cost to you.

About this course

  • Learn the qualifications needed for an application to be approved.
  • Receive a guided walkthrough on how to complete an online application for your client with a variety of insurance carriers.
  • Training on how to complete applications for government programs ( Medicaid, EPIC, LIS).

Requirements needed for the course

A license in Health and Accident is strongly recommended to get the full value of the training information. Please contact our head instructor Rosario Niebles by phone (917-962-6035) or email ( if you need information on how to acquire this license.

Enrolling in our course

Creating an account is quick and easy. Once you have created a member login, the training videos will be available for free. You can watch the videos in any order and at your own pace.

Course Features

Becoming a Broker

  • Lenght 10 Hours
  • Type Business
  • Language Eng/Esp
  • Instructor Rosario Niebles
  • License Broker License