“Everyday is rewarding when I’m able to make someone’s life just a bit easier.”

Rosario Niebles.


Niebles Health Coverage Counselor, LLC. (NHCC) was founded in 2019 by Rosario Niebles. Rosario is a Health Insurance broker for many carriers with the goal of finding the health insurance coverage that best works for you. 

Rosario’s experience began in 2011 with Medicaid and then transitioned into Medicare health insurance. Through that period, Rosario was able to witness the in’s and out’s of the field and decided to pursue her position as a health insurance broker in 2019. Rosario came to the realization that there was a desperate need for a humanitarian aspect within this industry. 

As a daughter from an immigrant mother, Rosario was able to witness the lack of support and resources within the insurance field for people such as her mother. She supports and cares for each client in the same way that she wished someone would have supported her own mother.
As a result, Rosario developed a strong sense of devotion to those seeking support in any community. She wholeheartedly believes there is always a solution.

Through her journey, she has met professionals with similar interests such as Jean Mirvile and Sann Yam who work in collaboration with NHCC. Jean Merville is fluent in French, Spanish and English. Sann Yam is fluent in English and Cambodian.

They all began working together at the same health insurance company and through perseverance, they’ve all worked their way up and became very close colleagues.The overall goal and mindset is their loyalty to all clients and to aid them in having a seamless process when it comes to choosing the right health insurance coverage for them. 

NHCC welcomes brokers that are looking for a change in career. NHCC will direct and train beginners to this business as well.